About How To Artist

How To Artist was created by people who are passionate about art and who love to share their art journey. This website aims to help artists from all levels improve their art skills and become better artists. We also publish buying guides to help you make good buying decisions when it comes to art supplies and related tools.

Welcome! I’m Richard Hsu. I am a freelance artist, and I love to draw and paint in various mediums. I started my art journey back in high school where I took art classes with my older brother and at school. 

After being brainwashed by the stereotypes of starving artists, I chose not to pursue an art career. Eventually, I stopped drawing altogether. But, a few months ago, I’ve started doodling, and that turned into sketching. Then into drawing things that I love. Then into painting actual artworks. I loved every moment of it and haven’t stopped ever since.

When I got back, that is when I discovered that there is not a lot of good art information online that can help me become a better artist. Sure there are some YouTube channels or Udemy courses that help a lot, but I struggled to find good websites that are dedicated to give me the best information on art techniques and tools. And when I started painting and drawing, I found that the quality of my tools (like paintbrushes or the paint itself) can be a hit or a miss.

After this frustration, I realized there a lot of artists that might also struggle to find high-quality art supplies. And so I created this blog!

P.S. I hope that you find our content useful, and I hope to learn and grow along with you!

-Richard Hsu